THE HOPE's experienced counselors provide extensive personal guidance on all aspects of Overseas education,including the education planning choice of schools and colleges, University admissions and any educational issues. We would help students to make right choices in terms of the University I Colleges based on the experience and qualification. We would ensure that we would help the student with the entire process right from fillingapplication to admission.



Counsel Students with Human touch.We carefully analyze the individual, compare with market demands and suggest with solution which fits the best for the Students. Choosing the right country and right course in the right university through maze of questions and provide in-depth personal guidance according to your profile, financial constraints, future aspirations and interest. We provide complete information about Educational Institutions with a well equipped library containing prospectus, CDs, Video Tapes, and Brochures. We frequently involve university/College representatives to talk,guide the Students.

Application Process

The application form is a crucial document for students as it is their first contact with the university. We assists students in filling the application forms, recommendation letters and all other documents that may be required bythe university.These forms can be overwhelmingfor students to fill on their own andthis where the expert guidance of us is valuable.

Financial Assistance

Studying abroad can seem to be an expensive concern. However,we help students get in touch with various organizations that assist students in securing the required finance for their education. We guide students throughout the entire process, from selecting the best loan option, application and documentation amongothers.

Visa Assistance

We provide complete Visa assistance to our students. We have an experienced team that processes and completes all the required formalities and also advises the students on the various documents required. We also help preparestudentsfor theirVisa interview through mock sessions.

Travel Arrangements

We assist students by helpingthem intheir travel arrangements. We helpthe student identify the best travel route, get the best price for his air fare, arrange aIInecessary documents aswell as offer assistance in availingforeign currency.

Pre Departure Briefing

Pre-Departure briefing will begiven to you prior to your travel with required input which will help make your travel comfortable and help you to settle abroad. We also connect you to our existingstudents inthat countrythrough skype and make you to get first hand information from the student's lives there. We also make you to meet other students and their parents who are heading to the same country I university. We provide you with Pre­Departure Kitand Checklist to you all priortoyour travel.


We understands that a good accommodation is essential for a student in a new country. We help you find the best accommodation suited to your needs,while keeping inmindyour location and budget preferences.