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For permanent immigration to Norway, contact the experts at Global Visas to give yourself the best possible chance of success.
The following is a guide to permanently living in Norway. Visit the Norway visa page to find out about a temporary visa for Norway.
If you are interested in permanent immigration to Norway you have two main options to consider: a permanent residency permit in Norway or Norwegian citizenship. Below is a detailed summary of both modes of Norway immigration.

Permanent Residence Permit Norway
You can apply for a permanent residency permit in Norway if you have been living in Norway for a period of three years or longer. Norway immigration laws require that the three-year period is continuous, meaning you must be legally living in Norway the entire time. You may spend up to seven months outside of Norway over this three year period, although each absence can not be longer than three months.

In order to qualify for permanent residence, one of the key requirements under Norway immigration law is that you complete tuition in the Norwegian language and social studies. A range of supporting documentation is also required for permanent immigration to Norway. This includes Norway immigration documents proving you have been living legally in the country for the past three years, a list of travel in and out of the country in the last three years, and documentation proving you have studied the Norwegian language.

Norway immigration officials can remove a permanent residence permit for Norway if you live outside the country for two years or more.Take the free assessment to find out if you have the correct documentation allowing you to apply for permanent immigration to Norway.

Citizenship Norway
You can apply for Norwegian citizenship if you have legally lived in the country for seven of the past 10 years.You may only apply for citizenship if you plan to continue living in Norway after citizenship has been granted. The fact that you are permanently immigrating to Norway means that(in most cases) you must renounce citizenship of your original country. The other key requirement for immigration in Norway is that you complete tuition in the Norwegian language.The eligibility period drops to seven years in some circumstances, such as marriage. Take the free assessment to find out if you are eligible to permanently immigrate to Norway.

Immigrating to Norway with Global Visas
There are many options available to anyone wanting to permanently immigrate to Norway. This is why it is important that you consult an expert to find out you best pathway to immigrating to Norway.Click the free assessment button below to send your details to a Global Visas consultant. Your details will be reviewed by an expert who will call you within 24 hours to discuss all your Norway immigration options. Find out further information on our Norway Work Permit page.